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General FAQs

How does BioCair kill viruses, bacteria and germs? 
BioCair BC-65 is naturally derived, it comes from our body. We studied how our body fights pathogens and were able to manufacture the ‘disinfectant’ our body produces to kill a pathogen. The result is BC-65, non-toxic, no alcohol, harmless to our body yet lethal to pathogens.

The BC-65 biocide works by destroying the cell wall of the pathogen, killing the protein and DNA- once a pathogen is killed by BC-65, it stays dead. And all of this happens in under 60-seconds of direct contact.  Effective, Fast and Naturally Safe.

How is BC-65 different from alcohol?  I thought alcohol was the best for disinfecting.  
BioCair and BC-65 is non-toxic, pH neutral and can be used directly via the Pocket Spray and via the airborne dry-mist. BioCair is safe for babies, children and those with sensitive skin.

Alcohol is a toxic substance, alcohol is not suggested for general use with children or on sensitive skin and cannot be used in the air. Our bodies produce a small amount of alcohol, but our bodies treat alcohol as a toxin (think intoxicated after drinking alcohol).

Not just any alcohol will work to kill a pathogen, the alcohol must be strong- 60-80%- to be effective. A major drawback to using alcohol to kill germs and bacteria: alcohol kills both human cells (immune cells) and bacterial cells. Alcohol does not differentiate between the ‘good and bad’ bacteria, but simply kills. Alcohol must be used properly, allowed to thoroughly dry and rubbed all over the hands.

Where is BioCair BC-65 made?
BioCair is based in Singapore, all BC-65 is manufactured in Singapore under the strictest ISO certified manufacturing guidelines.

Did BioCair invent BC-65?
No, and Yes. Our body makes the chemical that forms BC-65, this chemical was discovered in the 1880’s, and the scientist that discovered it won the Nobel Prize.

BioCair developed a safe, unique process for manufacturing the chemical- that is BC-65.

How long can BioCair be stored?
There is an expiration date on each Pocket Spray and disinfecting solution in dd/mm/yyyy format.  Once opened, the Disinfecting solution should be used within 30-days if leftover solution is stored inside the original packaging (but if solution is stored inside the tank, it should be used within 7 days) and the Pocket Sprays should be used within 60-days once opened.  But please note that the product does not lose all effectiveness when it expires- it can be used past the expiration date, but the effectiveness will be reduced.

Why should I use BioCair to disinfect the air and surfaces? 
BioCair provides a revolutionary approach to eliminating bacteria, viruses, spores and fungus from your environment: our products kill 99.999% of pathogens within 60-seconds, yet remain non-toxic, free of alcohol and is pH neutral. The other unique feature: BioCair has products to disinfect the air, disinfect your hands and any surface of item you come in contact with.

Using BioCair allows you to quickly, effectively and safely kill the harmful pathogens commonly found on surfaces and in the air.

Where should I store unopened BioCair products?
Store them out of direct light at normal room temperature is ideal.


FAQs on the BioCair BC-65 Pocket Sprays

What is the difference between the BioActive (orange label) and Disinfectant (blue label) Sprays?  
Both will kill all the nasty viruses and bacteria. The BioActive Pocket Spray is formulated for the fastest possible kill time on Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) while the Disinfectant Pocket Spray remains great for killing all the germs.

When should I use the Pocket Sprays?  
The Pocket Spray has many applications: directly onto hands, directly onto a pacifier that has fallen on the ground, even on utensils before eating. Use the pocket spray on any surface that needs disinfecting, simply hold bottle in upright position, spray on surfaces 4 to 6 inches away and wait 60-seconds.

How do I use my BioCair Pocket Spray?  
Hold bottle in upright position, spray on surfaces 4 to 6 inches away, remember to cap securely after use.

Should I rinse my hands after using the Pocket Spray?  
No, in fact, you should not rinse your hands after using the pocket spray. It is best not to rinse your hands (or objects) after using the spray as the spray will eliminate the germs and bacteria.


FAQs on the BioCair BC-65 Air Purifying Solution (APS) and BioCair Ultimate Dry Mist Disinfection Machine

How do I use the BioCair Air Purifying Solution (APS)?
The BioCair Air Purifying Solution should be used with a BioCair Dry Mist Disinfection Machine and diluted with distilled water at a 1:1 ratio.
Simply add 1 part BioCair purifying solution to 1 part distilled water to the tank of any BioCair Dry Mist Disinfection Machine. Once you have replaced the tank, mist a room for an hour each day to keep the baseline level of pathogens in the room to a minimum.  You may set the time longer if there is frequent opening and closing of doors.  

How many hours should I mist each day?
To keep the baseline level of pathogens low, daily misting for at least 1 hour  is recommended.  Best time to disinfect is when everyone is in the room e.g. before sleeping when there won't be frequent opening and closing of doors.   You may set the time longer if there is frequent opening and closing of doors.  

If you are concerned about HFMD, the haze or the flu, you can mist 3-4 hours each day.  
If someone in your household is ill, the germ level will likely increase with any coughing and sneezing. To combat the increased level of germs in the air, run the misting machine more frequently and for a longer duration.

Can I get an idea how much Air Disinfecting Solution (APS) would be consumed if I do daily misting?
​1 pack of 1 Liter Biocair APS diluted with 1 Liter of distilled water can last for 13 hours based on mist level 1 on the Ultimate II.

Where should the Dry Mist Disinfection Machine be placed in a room? 
The ideal location is where the dry-mist machine is unblocked, this will allow the mist to reach all parts of the room. Our suggestions: at or above table height and centrally located in a room. If there is circulation in the room, the machine does not necessarily need to be centrally located.

Is the BioCair Dry Mist Disinfection Machine a humidifier?  
No it's not a humidifier.  The machine does not add significant humidity to a room. The mist that comes from the machine is a BC-65 Dry-Mist for disinfecting a room by killing airborne pathogens.

Can I use essential oils with the BioCair Dry Mist Disinfection Machine?
No. The BioCair Dry Mist Disinfection Machine is not designed to be used with oils or fragrances. 

Can I use BioCair Air Disinfecting Solution (APS) with my Humidifier?
Using the BioCair purifying solution with a normal humidifier will not be as effective as using a BioCair Dry-Mist Disinfection Machine as the humidifier might not produce the small, light mist needed to fill a room; heavy, wet mist will not travel throughout the room.

How long can BioCair Air Disinfecting Solution (APS) be stored?

There is an expiration date on each Air Disinfecting Solution in dd/mm/yyyy format. Once you put it in the tank together with water, the APS+Water solution the the tank should be used within 7 days.  But if the leftover solution is stored n the original packaging, it can be used within 30 days from opening.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)